How can I apply for the Master in Management program?
The application is done via the online portal campo.

Can I apply for the Master in Management without an admission test or GMAT?

Is there an alternative to the admission test?
The admission test can be replaced by proof of a GMAT score of at least 600 points in total score.

When is the application deadline?
In each case on May 31 of the preceding summer semester (e.g. application for the winter semester 23/24, deadline: May 31, 2023).

What is the minimum number of credits I must have earned in my Bachelor’s degree program to be eligible to apply?
At least 135 credits for a Bachelor’s program with six semesters of standard study time, at least 162 credits for a Bachelor’s program with seven semesters of standard study time, and at least 189 credits for a Bachelor’s program with eight semesters of standard study time.

Is a letter of motivation necessary for the application to the Master in Management?
The letter of motivation does not constitute a part of the application. Attached motivation letters will not be considered.

Is it possible to apply as a graduate of a non-business degree program?
Graduates of non-business programs can also apply.

Is it possible to apply for more than one Master’s degree (e.g. Biology and Management) at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg?
It is possible.

Is it possible to apply for more than one Master in the department (e.g. Master in Int. Business and Master in Management)?
Students are advised to apply to a maximum of two masters in the department, without specifying a priority.

Can I reapply in case of rejection?
Re-application is possible in the following years, yes.

Admission test

When does the admission test take place and when is the registration for the admission test?
The admission test takes place twice between February and April every year. The dates of the admission tests are announced on the homepage of the study program, at least four weeks before it takes place. Registration is also done at the same time via this homepage.

What types of questions does the admission test consist of?
The admission test consists exclusively of single-choice questions.

What level of difficulty should I expect in the admission test and how intensively should I prepare?
How intensively you need to prepare or how difficult the test will actually be depends on the individual’s level of knowledge with regard to the various topics. The preparation is therefore up to the applicant’s self-assessment.

Are there malus points in the admission test, i.e. are points deducted from the total score for wrong answers?

What do I have to bring to the admission test?
A calculator and an official ID with photo!

How will I know if I have passed the admission test?
Within two weeks after the test, you will receive an e-mail informing you whether you have passed. The test is considered to have been passed if it has been evaluated with at least the grade sufficient. In the first stage of the qualification assessment process, up to 50 points are awarded for the admission test result. The score of your test can be provided upon request after the end of the qualification determination process.

What is the next procedure if I pass the admission test?
If you have passed the admission test, you will subsequently receive an e-mail with the test result, please enclose this e-mail with your application.


I have achieved a grade point average of x in my bachelor’s degree, y weeks of work experience and have spent z weeks abroad. What are my chances of admission to the Master in Management.
Preliminary assessments of the chances of admission are not made.

Can I start my studies even if I do not yet have 180 credits, i.e. my Bachelor’s degree is not yet available?
Yes, in this case you will receive a “conditional” admission, which is subject to conditions and deadlines to make up exams. For more information, please contact the Student Office (“Studierendenverwaltung”).

When will I receive the admission/rejection notice?
We try do send them as soon as possible, within four weeks in most cases.

I have a question about enrollment, who can I contact?
For enrollment questions, please contact the Student Office (“Studierendenverwaltung”).

I received an admission in last year’s admission procedure and would like to take up my place only in this winter semester, what do I have to do for this?
If you received admission to last year’s winter semester and did not enroll, you must go through the application process again and submit a complete application. Please include a copy of your previous admission and certificate of the admission test with it.

Are bachelor’s degrees from dual colleges, universities of applied sciences and universities treated the same?
All applicants who meet the admission requirements will be evaluated based on the same criteria. The prerequisite is that the university at which the bachelor’s degree was earned is accredited.

Are graduates from the department or FAU in general given preference in admission?
No, all applicants who meet the admission requirements are evaluated on the basis of the same criteria.

Do I have to have completed a certain number of ECTS in certain subject groups (e.g. statistics, economics) in order to apply for the Master in Management?
No. The proof of knowledge in economics is only given by taking the admission test.

Do you require a TOEFL test or a BEC-Higher test?
You will need the following language certificates:

Proof of language skills either
a) for the Master’s program in German language knowledge of the German
language according to § 4 para. 5 no. 14 sentence 1 b) Statutes of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) concerning enrollment, re-registration, leave of absence and exmatriculation or
b) for the Master’s degree program in English, knowledge of the English
language at the level of at least C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR); proof can be provided either by the proof of the successful Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with at least 105 points in the iBT or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 7.5 or higher, or by comparable evidence must be provided;
the proof is not required if the applicant has the first professional degree or university entrance qualification in German or English.

What are the requirements for work experience to be counted in the qualification assessment process?

It is important that the employer’s evidence officially shows the total duration of employment, the average number of hours per week, and the type of work (with recognition of the reference to business studies). If this is the case, the relevant work experience can be evaluated. Suitable documents can be, for example, an employer’s reference, excerpts from the employment contract, and a letter of confirmation from the employer.



How many semesters is the maximum duration of study?
The standard period of study is four semesters, but a maximum of six semesters can be studied.

Are stays abroad possible and when?
Yes, stays abroad are generally possible. They are recommended for the 2nd or 3rd semester.

Can I also start with a semester off after admission?
No, the statutes on enrollment, re-registration, leave of absence and exmatriculation exclude this.

Is it possible to start the Master in Management in the summer semester?

Is attendance compulsory in the courses?
This can be determined by each module supervisor. Please inquire accordingly with the responsible professors.

If I have a diploma degree, will the duration of studies in the Master’s program be shortened?

Further information can be found in the examination policies.